W3lc0m3 to the Br3akd0wn

Welcome to The Breakdown.
First and foremost, I must apologize for the use of the “3” and “0” in the blog URL and name, as “Breakdown” was already taken.
So, welcome to the breakdown, where your host, yours truly, will be picking different aspects of entertainment to review, all on a whim. Some day it may be movies, the next a local show for someone you’ve never heard of. Nonetheless, this will either help you venture out of your entertainment comfort zone and ask you to start anew, or add to your repitoire.

Be aware I may have tons of grammatical errors, as I am doing all of this all mobile on an iPad. This is just the easiest way for me to stay up with things and blog as I run into anything new.

If at anytime you want to request a certain review, feel free to email me at:mleefarmer@outlook.com. Please note that it may take a second for me to get to your request as I have accumulated quite the list.

Again, welcome, and this bumpy ride ahead will either inspire or frighten you, but as long as it makes you feel something, who gives a shit?



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