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Alright, kids,

Today’s post is sponsored by the Letter “C” for Conspiracy!

Now a days, viewrs, consumers and anyone surrounding themselves with movies, and television, have begun to br3akd0wn a few things using psychology. These have turned into fan conspiracy theories for some of our favorites, and these fan originating theories really pop a question in your head: “What if?”

So, today, I want to introduce a few of these to you to show you what I’m talking about. Please comment below and tell me what you think about the following, or if you know of any other theories out there! All of the original findings for these theories are hyper linked as well.

1. Harry Potter has created 4 reasons as to why Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Experience is “All In His Head.” This, being one of the largest franchises around, has definitely created a stir within Potter Fans with actual fights and arguments breaking out challenging the legitimacy of the series, based on the follow reasoning.
The first point made, is that Harry Potter was an abused child, forced to live emaciated and in a cupboard, famously phrased, under the stairs. “To get any closer to the textbook definition of child abuse, you’d have to start punching kids yourself.” Says Cracked. This is the #4 reason, as it leads to the later reasons.
The next, is described as “Fantasy Coping Theory.” For Harry Potter, basically, because of the abuse he experiences, the neglect and such, and coincidentally as the abuse was at it’s peak, he is rescued by the world of Magic, where, as described by Cracked, Harry has tons of money, popularity, skills and everything else you can imagine that his life is missing. This would all become a coping mechanism to deal with his abusive life so that Harry can “escape” his life.
The third case that makes is that Harry’s abuse NEVER STOPS. As dictated, Harry visits the infirmary no less than 6 times, all for reasons quite different than that of his classmates in the magical realm. “While classmates visit for things like having their “skin complexion altered to resemble cornflakes,” Harry tends to get injured in more pedestrian ways, like a cracked skull or broken arm.” So, while his classmates are victim to the supernatural, Harry is victim to the actual. Not only that, but as a part of the coping with his abuse, there’s a far reached explanation to what happened, common in children that are being abused, as to hide the truth from themselves and those around them. However eventually inconsistencies will prove that something is up.
Finally, makes a stab at J.K. Rowling, and the criticisms that all of the explanations to Harry’s “accidents” are explained by “pulling (the reasons) out of her ass.” Personally, I don’t feel that it was poor writing at all, and it was just creating more mysticality to the franchise. However, from a reality standpoint, it would make sense that it’s hard to explain abuse of a child, from with the onlooker or the child themselves. So, in this whole theory, you could add that if this were a true story, then J.K. Rowling was a witness to the abuse, one that never did anything to help Harry Potter. goes to say that as Harry Potter grew older, the certain inconsistencies as described by Rowling are explained poorly for sake of Harry Potter not wanting to destroy this fantastic world his mind has created. Now, also, as the years have passed, the injuries that Potter experiences are much more drastic than the one before. Knowing this, you could also add that the abuse of Harry Potter is increasing whether he is starving to death, hurting himself, or being beaten even worse or whatever you can think of. Up until the point that he, and his friends defeat Voldemort, and there is a certain tranquility aftermath…has this abused child died? Was everything finally okay for Mr. Potter after death? As explained in the literature, Voldemort, and Harry Potter are a part of each other…so by destroying Voldemort, has Harry Potter, in real life, committed suicide? Personally…I think that’s what would make the most sense.

2. Adventure Time
Curious World has created a page for popular cartoon conspiracy theories. I chose Adventure time…because it’s awesome.
As notated in the show, The land of “Ooo” is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Now the theory of Adventure Time is supposedly true, making it very juicy, though I cannot find any evidence, but it does seem to make sense.
As an aftermath world, the theory states that the world we knew before, had been exposed to a ton of nuclear radiation causing normal things to become abnormal, “like candy moving.” There are two people that were around for the apocalypse, Finn and Jake, one that went crazy and one that stayed calm.
This theory is simple and definitely not as complex as the Harry Potter theory, but it makes sense in some instances. If we had a giant nuclear explosion, then some things would definitely change, possibly to the point of animation of inanimate objects. Hopefully we never find out.
Another point made here is the existence of technology, but the limited use of such. I’m just saying, that if my iphone ever came to life…..I’d probably marry it,



3. Samurai Jack vs. The Powerpuff Girls.
We all know that when you have a creator, creating multiple objects and such, some things would start to blend together. Look at Pixar? The Pizza Planet truck is in every movie!
Well, found on Buzzfeed, (#8 on their countdown) shows a theory that the world of Samurai Jack is merely a post apocalyptic Townsville, showcasing a similar, though distorted, metropolis, as well as a billboard shown in both series. If this is true, then I want to know what happened to the all mighty PowerPuff Girls. Did they get into a giant fight and end the world themselves? Were they vaporized, and the radiation form an explosion meta-morphed creates that came to be the weird ass things in Samurai Jack? In Samurai Jack, is Aku just a radiation baby for HIM from the PowerPuff Girls? Or a combination of HIM and others? (I say HIM because HIM is the most closely relate able to Aku.)



Whether or not you believe the theories above, or any others you find, it does strike a question as to what is really going on? There are many other theories out there, one of my favorites, though too long to describe here, is the Pixar Same Universe theory.

If nothing else these theories will make you think, wonder and maybe theorize your own explanations to some of the crazy shit out there.

As always, stay innovative,



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