MNDR…slightly sounds like a drug.

Hello All!

Today’s Breakdown comes in the form of a music review of the Indietronic/SynthPop Band MNDR. From my title of this post, in case you are wondering, the drug in reference would be ecstasy, who’s chemical compound is MDMA.

On to the review!

Originating from Oakland, California, Amanda Warner and Peter Wade are MNDR and officially started in New York City around 2009, though Warner claims, “MNDR is my artist name that I have had since 2005.”

Here is Amanda Warner, being cute.

ImageMNDR’s official first EP, E.P.E, released on April 6, 2010 on Peter Wade’s WonderSound Records, and included the following track listing: C.L.U.B., Fade to Black, I Go Away, and Jump In. 

ImageJust recently, or as recent as I would call it, in 2012, MNDR released their first Studio Album titled, “Feed Me Diamonds.” The first Initial listen was a definite mind blowing experience. Each song, on this 12 track awesomeness, will find a way to connect with the listener to feel a certain groove, or to inhibit a certain emotion, which I feel is only evident to the listener as it will translate differently for everyone.

Here’s Peter Wade looking dashing.

ImageThe title of the album, Feed Me Diamonds, is also track number 7 on this album. I personally, heard Feed Me Diamonds as a single in 2012 before the release of the album itself. However I found the song from a YouTube video of RuPaul’s Drag Race veteran Raven, performing the song as a music video. Understandably, the band used this video as the official music video for Feed Me Diamonds. This would stand as a supportive stable for the LGBT humanity in my book, showing MNDR’s full on support for at the very least, the Drag lifestyle. If you haven’t watched the video, please do and you may understand that statement a little more.

Here’s the entire track listing for MNDR’s “Feed Me Diamonds.” (from Consequence of Sound)

01. #1 in Heaven
02. Stay
03. Faster Horses
04. Blue Jean Youth
05. Fall in Love with the Enemy
06. U.B.C.L.
07. Feed Me Diamonds
08. Burning Hearts
09. Sooner or Later
10. Bombs Away
11. Sparrow Voices
12. I Go Away

So far my favorites would be: #1 in Heaven, #4 Blue Jean Youth, which is also my ringtone, #7 Feed Me Diamonds, and #12 I Go Away. Out of my favorites, my fave favorite would be Blue Jean Youth. Now, why do I have a strange emotional response to this song? Well, the beat itself is low key, but still fun. Upbeat but still toned down, and above all it’s fun to dance to in your underwear. Naturally with the use of a bucket of water. My interpretation of the sound would be that the writer of the song is remembering their youth, probably a time near the 80’s where Jean…everything was all the rage. “Is it thing you love, the things you love?” This line, quite repetitive, could be linked to that same memory. Maybe it is a summer of love, or maybe it’s a first date. Regardless, through these memories, one thing is certain: that the writer, or their companion, was decked out in blue jean. Or maybe they weren’t but everyone else was. Onlookers, that could have been less than fashionable, at the time, but still loved each other. However, my opinion is probably far fetched.

Each song, as notated before, has it’s own character and own message. These songs are all basically, small musical Fables that Aesop would be jealous of.

So, one last important story. How I stumbled upon MNDR themselves! Well thanks to the beauty that in Pandora Radio, and thanks to the Natalia Kills Radio, I found this jewel of a duo. The song played was an older single, Cut Me Out which was released in 2011. The following video, which for me was a bit hard to watch at first, as it looks like Amanda Warner is cutting her face off with scissors, is still very great and all around fantastic in the artist direction department.

Be sure to check out MNDR’s Feed Me Diamonds From iTunes. As the online store from leads there anyway. Also be sure to check out the band’s Website HERE for Tour Dates, Merchandise and all other goodies.

All in all, this album gets a 5/5. Listen to the entire album, and you’ll hear why.

As always, stay Innovative.


PS: MNDR is featured on a fantastic song, along with Bloc Party’s Kele, in RAC’s “Let Go” which was realeased August 20, 2013. Be sure to check that out on the splash page for MNDR’s website  here.


All photos found from Google. Information From Wikipedia and

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